Informed Medical


Informed Medical is a powerful tool used by many of the top 5-star rated SNF providers in the country to help manage family confusion/expectations. Seamless integration with PointClickCare allows facility users to generate extensive educational reports for patients and their loved ones in a matter of seconds. Not only do these reports allow providers to effectively and efficiently communicate critical information to patients and families but the documents simultaneously provide ample documentation which can help protect the facility from baseless allegations, stressful DHS complaint visits, unnecessary lawsuits and demoralizing deficiencies. Imagine being able to add administrator developed, physician reviewed and attorney approved documentation to every chart in your facility in a matter of minutes! It is possible! We can help.

Features and Benefits

Win Family Confidence

Proactive communication is one of the single most powerful ways to win the trust, support and appreciation of concerned family members upon admission to a SNF. The documentation provided in our educational reports allows your team to clearly and confidently provide a detailed overview of the patients condition and the most likely complications the patient could experience (if any) during their stay as a result of their identified diagnoses/treatments. This way, families are more understanding from the start and unrealistic expectations are caught early and more effectively managed.

Powerful Risk Management

Post-Acute providers often provide the highest level of compassionate care and services to the elderly population in our communities. Unfortunately, without the right documentation and patient/family education, these facilities often expose themselves to serious consequences from the department of health and aggressive plaintiff attorneys. Informed Medical was developed my experienced post-acute care administrators, physicians and attorneys to strengthen every chart so facilities providing excellent patient care can actually get credit for their hard work and compassionate service.

No Hassle Signatures

Generated reports can be printed off and signed in person or sent to involved parties for easy delivery and remote signature.

Seamless Integration

Informed Medical automatically retrieves basic patient information along with identified patient conditions to allow your team to generate a complete health report in seconds. Our system also uploads signed acknowledgement documents from involved parties back to the PointClickCare system so all of your reports are available for review in the patient's EMR.

More Information

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