LiveCare is the first in the world to develop a fully automated Remote Patients Monitoring (RPM) platform serving both patients & health care providers. As Remote Patient Monitoring becomes mainstream, the remote patients home is occupied with more medical devices and health sensors than ever before. This leads to more phone apps to manage, more home devices to sync, and low patient compliance. The Link+ eliminates the need to manage multiple apps, pair all home medical peripherals, health sensors and wearables manually. By fully automating the entire remote vitals-taking process, the Link+ increases compliance, lowers cost and improves patient outcomes.

Features and Benefits

Automated & Smart Alerts

A simplified and intuitive user interface for all patient information and medical data collected from the Smart Home Medical Gateway, The Link+

Automated Compliance Board

Ensure all your patient's compliance from our easy to use compliance table to know when to follow-up and billing purposes

Automated Triage & Alerts Dashboard

Interactive, enrich real-vital data streaming to one centralized place

Integrated with PointClickCare

LiveCare sends and receives vital readings so that the LiveCare Provider Portal and PointClickCare dashboard are synced. Additionally, LiveCare listens for admission, transfer, and discharge events so that patients are automatically assigned/unassigned to the Link+ Gateway in their room.


LiveCare: Meet the Link+

LiveCare: Meet the Link+

LiveCare leads remote patient monitoring (RPM) into the 21st century with Link+, our patented, 4G-enabled smart home gateway ...

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