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Q3’s mission is to deliver consultative services designed to elevate quality and empower teams by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Influenced by scientifically proven quality improvement methodologies (e.g., Lean, Six Sigma, Baldridge), our services support provider efforts to optimize operations and use of the PointClickCare product by creating efficient, standardized processes to reduce waste, improve employee satisfaction, generate quality outcomes, and boost financial performance. Q3 uses an integrated systems-based approach to align operational, financial, and clinical performance indicators in a quality management system that promotes innovation and performance excellence by cultivating a culture of continuous improvement.

Features and Benefits

Software Support and Educational Development

Turnover in the long-term care industry continues to be one of our most difficult challenges and keeping staff up to date on technological advances can be tricky. The team at Q3 can assist with configuration, implementation, ongoing software support, and education to support your staff and ensure you are getting the most out of your PointClickCare product.

Process Development and Implementation

Q3 has clinical, operational, and financial experience in using the PointClickCare platform. Whether you are interested in achieving better outcomes for your residents, improving transitions of care, or enhancing financial metrics, our team can assist you. With expertise in Lean Six Sigma and the Baldridge Framework for Performance Excellence, our team can work with you to create systems using standardized processes which reduce variation in workforce performance, set clear expectations for workforce competencies resulting in streamlined performance evaluations, and improve overall efficiency.

PointClickCare Data Relay Support

Q3 has a PhD trained researcher on staff with extensive knowledge of data analytics and statistical modeling to support your efforts in the use of your PointClickCare Data Relay product. This expertise advances an opportunity for you to use EHR database extractions in combination with other organizational data (e.g., financial, operational) to promote an integrated, comprehensive perspective of your organization’s performance. Whether you are seeking to create a data dashboard, develop your strategic plan, benchmark performance, analyze trends, conduct comparative analysis with competitors, or use predictive modeling, the Q3 team can assist you in creating a tailored product to meet your business needs.

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