Integrated Wound Care


Our mission is to improve quality of life by providing unparalleled care with a unique focus on wounds. ​​Using specialized programs and innovative approaches to wound care, facilities realize reduced wound related hospitalizations and improved outcomes. The team works in lockstep with facilities to achieve exceptional healing rates by utilizing advanced treatment modalities, diagnostic tools, and bedside procedures. Education is provided weekly, along with specialized in-service training, evaluation of core competencies, and preparation for state survey. Our integrated solution automates information sharing with the Omni App. This reduces the burden to manually retrieve and upload information. A direct link ensures documentation is reliable given less redundancy and error. Patient care is improved with prompt, easy access to information.

Features and Benefits

Intuitive user interface for PointClickCare

A simplified and intuitive user interface for all patient information and medical data collected in sync with PointClickCare

PointClickCare DashBoard

Omni’s PointClickCare DashBoard view contains all the patient encounter information from the PointClickCare system on a single page. Providers can select the necessary information to be transferred and imported.

PointClickCare Integration

The IWC-OMNI app integration with PointClickCare eliminates faxing, downloading, and paper files. The provider wound care notes can be electronically transmitted to the resident charts in PointClickCare along with a notification.

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