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The ScanToPCC app works with any copier to scan directly into PointClickCare. You select a resident, document type and any other required fields and scan directly into PointClickCare. No longer do you have to scan to your computer, break apart PDF files, rename them, log into PointClickCare, find the resident and then manually upload the document. ScanToPCC empowers your team to work smarter and be more productive.

Features and Benefits

Scanning directly into PointClickCare

Are you backlogged with rooms of paper that you wish were in PointClickCare. This is where ScanToPCC can help. Simply walk up to the copier, select your resident name and the document type directly on the copier and ScanToPCC will automatically send that document to the correct residents document tab in PointClickCare. Streamline your document management solution with ScanToPCC.

Directly connect to PointClickCare

ScanToPCC is directly connected to PointClickCare so you don't have to keep an updated list of your residents. When you add a new resident to PointClickCare, they will automatically show up in ScanToPCC. Have a new document type? No problem, when you add it to PointClickCare, the new document type will automatically be added to ScanToPCC.

Compatible with most copier makes and models.

The ScanToPCC app works with most copier models. There is no need to buy new or additional equipment. Please call/email for a full list of compatible copiers.

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