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The Sitelligence Resident Portal is the ultimate secure web based resident, staff and family engagement platform for communication, activities, dining, entertainment and many other personal, community and staff needs and also comes with free iOS and Android mobile apps for all users. Content can be displayed on unlimited Digital Displays and or resident TV's using our integrated Display Builder technology. The integrated TRACKER kiosk system replaces paper Sign In / Out logs, automates compliance for Covid-19 screening, records temperature and prints name badges while allowing multiple Entry / Exit points throughout the community and more. Our integration with PointClickCare supports our clients ability to easily manage users for various features within the Resident Portal functionality.

Features and Benefits

Customized Community Engagement

The Resident Portal allows communities to create unlimited User Groups of residents (and staff and family). Each User Group is assigned permissions and upon login or app use access the features they’ve been assigned, as well as the functionality of those features and content posted to those features. For example, if only Independent Living residents are allowed to order meals using our Dining Feature, the ordering meals functionality of the Dining feature is only presented to Independent Living Residents. Likewise, if the Resident Portal “Resident” database is divided into 3 User Groups, the users of each group will see the Activity Calendar associated with their group. This permission-based access protocol allows for easy customization while providing the best user experience for seniors. Our integration with PointClickCare appropriately assigns each resident in PointClickCare to the appropriate User Group in the Resident Portal automatically.

Daily Features

Daily features engage users with day-to-day community affairs, offer convenient easy to use functionality to access various to community services and promote social engagement. • News • Activities • Groups • Dining • Directory • Services • Media • Forums • Documents • Concierge

Personal Features

Personal features are personal to each user and offer a variety of communication, wellness, and personal engagement functionality and the ability to customize their portal experience. • My Mail • My Groups • My Friends • My Journal • My Life • My Media • My Wellness • My Concierge • My Directory Info • My Notifications • Change Password • Connect My Mobile • Go To Links

Entertainment Features

Entertainment features exercise minds and or simply fun to use alone, with others, or in a community group activity setting. • Exploratorium • Karaoke • Library • Games

Feature Staff Tools

Aside from the staff functionality relevant to Daily and Personal Features for residents, other Staff Tools allow appropriate staff access a variety of features to engage users, access user information, a variety of reports and portal customization options and much more. • Users • Tracker • Emergency • Announcements • Surveys • Concierge Desk • Display Builder • Access Requests • PDF / Reports • Setup


For communities using our TRACKER screening and visitor management system, when residents sign in and out, the Resident Portal database is accessed and presents the residents name on the kiosk for the resident to select. TRACKER also accesses the resident portal database when a visitor selects the resident they are visiting. PCC integration eliminates the need for staff to update the resident database for TRACKER manually.


The Resident Portal is web based, secure and can also be accessed using free iOS and Android Apps for phones and tablets. Mobile Apps offer additional time saving features for community staff. Use our Display Templates or our Display Builder to create unlimited Digital Displays, Touch Screen Kiosks and or Resident TV feeds at a fraction of the cost. The Resident Portal Private Alexa Skill managed by Sitelligence using Amazons Fleet Management platform makes it easy to offer residents the benefits of voice command access to The Resident Portal, video conferencing and Smart Home technology.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Many Resident Portal features rely on up to date resident information in the Resident Portal resident database. Integration with PointClickCare updates the Resident Portal resident database automatically ensuring residents have access to the features they want from reading the right activities to ordering meals and more. The integration means staff doesn't need to update the resident database.

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