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Empower your staff with the first messaging platform that standardized healthcare communication. SmartText helps nurses relay the right information concisely and quickly to physicians so patients receive timely, quality care.

Features and Benefits

Secure, HIPAA-compliant communication

SmartText by Medlog enables clinicians to communicate and coordinate patient care while protecting sensitive patient healthcare data. End-to-end encryption and multilayer security ensures only authorized access to patient data. In-app user management helps facility administrators add or remove access with ease. Patient data is never stored on device keeping your patient's data safe and your facility compliant even when a device is lost or stolen.

Standardize information sharing

Using evidence-based standards for healthcare communication, SmartText empowers nurses to communicate patient conditions efficiently and effectively with off-site physicians.

Improve staff efficiency and satisfaction

SmartText empowers members of the care team to communicate quickly, effectively, and confidentially with off-site physicians. Through the use of contextual, SBAR-structured communication, facility clinicians know exactly what information the physician needs to address each patient's problem saving time and improving staff morale.

Immediate access to physician notes and orders

SmartText integrates seamlessly with Medlog's provider-based documentation tool, SmartDocs. Physician notes on SmartDocs are automatically fed into the patient's medical record in PointClickCare, and can be accessed within the SmartText app giving nurses instant access to physician orders.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Medlog's integration with PointClickCare reduces manual data entry and enables patient-specific message threads for improved longitudinal care. Physicians can access important clinical data directly from Medlog's application and save their clinical notes directly into the patient record in PointClickCare.

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