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Bridge-Tech Medical offers Medical Device connectivity to capture device data and populate the data to your EMR. We specialize in ventilator connectivity and provide supportive charting to help streamline the documentation process. Allowing the clinician more time to focus on patient assessment and observation. Want to increase PDPM per diems and SNF census, but concerned about documentation & reimbursement? BTM provides verified automated documentation straight from the vent to your EMR, boosting your confidence with PDPM reimbursement. Bridge-Tech’s proprietary technology features include: Automated system with Intuitive and simple design = quick clinician adoption. Pre-scripted but individualized documentation that can be reviewed and edited when necessary. Facility can customize to meet specific needs. Functions as a complete Respiratory Therapy EMR system.

Features and Benefits

FUSION BRIDGE TECHNOLOGY Universal Wireless Medical Device Connectivity

Completely automates medical device documentation. Clinical data can be validated and signed by the clinician at bedside. We provide flexible user configurability for clinicians to view all the needed clinical data. Auto plug-and play, easy to deploy.

Streaming Vent data

Real-time data is always available to physicians and clinicians. Viewable locally and remotely.

Bridge-Tech is a web-based system

Because we are web-based, our application will run on any platform.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Bridge-Tech receives patient information from PointClickCare to associate medical device data to the appropriate patient chart. Bridge-Tech also has the ability to populate PointClickCare with patient information collected from medical devices.

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