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Toch Sleepsense is an award-winning, non-wearable, non-contact sleep tracker designed to monitor the safety or patients/residents while in bed. Alerts are issued direct to caregivers' phones or nurse call devices when a resident is out of bed or has not returned to bed. The sleep recording and analysis feature offers valuable insights to improving sleep quality resulting in improved well being. Toch Sleepsense is placed under the leg/wheel of the bed and detects body movement and vital signs no matter where the sleeper is positioned on the bed. The Sleepsense central monitoring feature allows real time monitoring of multiple residents from one screen. Toch Sleepsense is ideal for seniors' homes, hospitals and sleep expert clinics to support care of residents/patients.

Features and Benefits

Bed exit alerts help reduce the risk of residents falling or wandering during the night

Real time "off bed" and "not returned to bed" alerts are automatically issued directly to care aide cell phone, the central monitoring station or nurse call devices enabling care staff to respond quickly and take required action.

Automatic alerts frees up time for care staff to focus on higher value resident needs and tasks

The automatic alerts when a resident is out of bed or has not returned to bed helps reduce the number of routine in-person checks being done during the night shift. This frees up valuable time for care staff to focus on higher priority resident needs or tasks.

Unbiased sleep data, analysis and trend reports as valuable input for care, medication and sleep coaching plans

The sleep quality monitoring feature reports on the resident's sleep quality, level of sleep quality and interruption, offering never before available information as input and feedback for care and medication plans. This vital data is invaluable in for tracking health changes in residents and in quickly understanding the health of new residents when they move in.

Alert type and demand t reporting tool supports ability of management to better plan resources and staffing based on needs

The Sleepsense management reporting tool that analysis type of alerts, alert peak times and resident peak awake times offers care home management valuable information to help plan for improved staffing levels.

Real time heart rate and breathing rate of residents while in bed

Real time reporting of these vital signs ensure care staff are updated on the status of residents should a medical emergency take place while in bed

Sleepsense integration with PointClickCare

Integration of Sleepsense with PointClickCare automatically syncs resident information thereby reducing the need to input resident details when installing Sleepsense.


Toch Sleepsense Bed Sensor and Bed Exit

Toch Sleepsense Bed Sensor and Bed Exit

Toch Sleepsense is an award wining, non-wearable, non-contact sleep tracker and bed exit alert that was designed to enhance the safety of residents during the night. The alert system supports care staff by automatically informing care staff when a resident is at risk. It's sleep tracking and sleep quality reporting feature offers valuable insight to helping residents achieve a better nights sleep.

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