Sirona.tv telehealth cart is the world's only touch-based telehealth nursing cart that enables to not only deliver care to residents in their rooms but also to invite specialists and practitioners for a telehealth encounter. Nurses always have access to residents' previous encounters, clinical notes, health conditions, care plans, vitals, and medication.

Features and Benefits

Collect and store vitals in Realtime in PointClickCare

Sirona.tv telehealth cart collects vitals in residents' rooms and stores the vitals in real-time into PointClickCare and other FHIR-based EMR.

Remote checkup by specialists and remote practitioners.

Remote practitioners and specialists log in to their web accounts and can do a video visit with senior living facility residents in their rooms.

Access to resident's medication and conditions

NP and RN visiting residents in their rooms have access to residents' vitals, medications, conditions, care plans, and details of previous encounters. They can also submit encounters and notes based on their encounters with the residents. The Resident's medication and conditions are retrieved from PointClickCare!

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