Emmacare is a patient monitoring platform for patients in facility settings and homecare settings. The platform captures vital signs (RPM), patient self-reported information, and provide clinical ‘check-ins’ (CCM) used by the clinical staff to identify leading indicators of adverse events. The telehealth component of the platform allows clinicians to address issues remotely while at the same time accessing all the monitoring data. Finally, the platform has an integrated billing component that captures all billable activities to maximize revenue.

Features and Benefits


At Emmacare we don’t believe in 1 size fits all. Therefore, we provide multiple ‘last mile’ solutions depending on the patient/resident and facility needs. We support tablets with Bluetooth connected peripherals, cellular medical devices and integrate with 3rd party devices. Using proprietary algorithms and AI models we are able to identify leading indicators of adverse events and notify the relevant parties to address the issues before they escalate to an adverse event.


By using our proprietary template engine, our customers are able to implement and enforce clinical best practices. The engine helps the clinical team to identify gaps in care and creates standardized documentation that is shared across the clinical team.


Our HIPAA compliant communication modules allows your organization to exchange secure text messages and have real time bi-directional video call with the patient. Emmacare platform can be used with a pre-assigned calendar or in a virtual care setting(ad-hoc requests). The platform allows you to invite 3rd party providers that are part of the care team to the call (group video call).


Emmacare was developed from the ground up with the specific CMS compliance for RPM/CCM and Telehealth. The system captures all billable activities, document the activity and store it for billing purposes. At the end of a cycle, Emmacare automatically generates a billing file for further processing.


Emmacare integrates with various EMR via HL7 interfaces and proprietary API’s. Using our PointclickCare interface users will experience a seamless integrated user experience with no double data entry.

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