Camden Coalition Health Information Exchange (HIE)



We are a health information exchange providing secure, real-time medical information from a variety of sources including regional hospitals, laboratory and radiology groups, correctional facilities, and primary care providers, among others. Our connections to these health facilities as well as the Trenton Health Information Exchange and NJSHINE, have enabled us to serve as a regional hub facilitating and strengthening interoperability, care coordination, and community engagement. Through our data-driven, cross-sector approach—called healthcare hotspotting —we have helped to identify the unmet needs of patients with complex health needs and provide holistic health and social care for Camden and South Jersey residents.

Features and Benefits

Patient Medical History Timeline

HIE users can view all their patients' encounters and primary problems in an easily navigable timeline. A ruler can be used to view the patient’s history over specific time frames, such as in the past few years, year, or months. All primary problems corresponding to the selected time frame appear on the left side of the screen. Simple and color-coded icons highlight the nature of patient encounters (hospitalization, emergency visits etc.) and clicking on them provides additional details about any given encounter.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging Feature

This messaging feature enables users to communicate with any HIE authorized users and attach patient records in their message. Users may attach reports, labs, or other documents either from the HIE and/or from their own computer in their secure and HIPAA-compliant messages. This feature facilitates seamless communication among providers and optimizes healthcare delivery.

SeekED Beacon Reports

The SeekED beacon reports are custom beacon reports that easily aggregate data for primary practices about patient ED visits. The beacon reports update hourly, making it easier to locate and connect with patients who frequently use emergency services, and helping primary care practices care for this population better.

Findhelp Single Sign-On

The HIE has a single sign-on option available through Findhelp, a resource referral and navigation platform. Healthcare and social determinants of health (SDOH) data are available for healthcare research and community-based outreach, and to our faith and community partners, for a holistic view of patient care.

Integrated with PointClickCare

Integrated with PointClickCare which allows facilities to share admission and discharge information as well as continuity of care documents with the Camden HIE to improve quality and transitions of care.

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