Founded in 2011, the Florida Health Information Exchange (HIE) facilitates the secure statewide exchange of health information between health care providers, hospital systems, and payers. Learn more about our services and how you can benefit. The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration governs the Florida HIE by establishing policy, convening stakeholders, providing oversight, engaging Federal partners, and promoting the benefits of health information technology. Audacious Inquiry, a PointClickCare Company contributes innovative technology, strategic insight, and manages the day-to-day operations of the Florida HIE Services.

Features and Benefits

Alert ACO and Provider Partners with one connection.

The Florida HIE allows your SNF to alert hundred of ACOs, Providers and Health Plans in real-time that one of their patients has entered your facility. This allows for better care coordination and greater referral relationships.

Be alerted if on of your patients has a ER/IP event post discharge

The Florida HIE can alert your SNF facilities in real-time if one of your patients who has recently been discharged from your facilities care has an admission/discharge from one of the connected acute, rehab, hospice, home health facilities across the state of Florida.

Florida HIE - PointClickCare Integration

The Florida HIE can send real-time ADT data into your facilities PointClickCare Direct Messaging address denoting the patients' encounter, facility, admit/discharge time, DX codes/description along with patient complaint details and attending physician information.

Care Team Alerting from Florida HIE

The Florida HIE can alert your SNF facilities in real-time upon admission whom that patient is affiliated within the Florida HIE. So upon admission your intake coordination can receive a direct message email telling them that patient recently admitted to their facility has a relationship with this ACO, Provider Group and which Health Plan.


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