Having integrated with PointClickCare’s EHR platform, Zoom RPM now gives Doctors and Nurses the ability to streamline the vitals taking process, improve their patients health, increase revenue, and know who needs care when to achieve better outcomes. Zoom RPM makes all of this possible with its proprietary state of the art hardware and software. Nurses use Zoom RPMs Hardware to transmit their patients' vitals directly into the PointClickCare EHR. This allows nurses to say goodbye to manual vitals entries and spend more time caring for their patients. A remote team of nurses supervised by your MD can then utilize the Zoom RPM backend software to monitor your patients' vitals remotely This will lead to fewer hospitalizations and improved patient health.

Features and Benefits

Improve Workflow

Patients vitals will be transmitted in real time to your PointClickCare EHR Via our zoom vitals carts. This allows your nurses to stop inputting vitals manually and gives them more time to spend caring for their patients.

Improve patient health

Our state-of-the-art Remote Patient monitoring software allows you to monitor your patients vitals remotely. This will give you the ability to catch warning signs early, Make adjustments to the patient care plan when needed, and ultimately keep your patients happy and healthy.

Increase revenue

Remote patient monitoring services can be billed to Medicare with CPT codes 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458 with an average collection rate of $100 per patient every month.

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