DigitalRD™ is an online dietitian assessment software that specializes in streamlining registered dietitian processes in the skilled nursing home setting. DigitalRD™ was developed to partner with long-term care communities to be the first of its kind for dietitians to work smarter, and more efficiently, in order to deliver better resident outcomes by forecasting weight loss and skin breakdown while resulting in substantial company-wide savings.

Features and Benefits

In a League of Its Own

DigitalRD™ is a one-of-a-kind online nutrition assessment software that is patent pending in the United States. Prior to DigitalRD™, this innovative, forward-thinking program hadn’t existed! Its founder is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nursing Home Administrator that has over 20 years of experience in skilled nursing facilities and is distinguished in streamlining, efficiency, and problem solving to yield better results with less time and effort. Thus, the epiphany of DigitalRD™!

Work Smarter...Not Harder

Currently, dietitians are still using fill-in-the-blank assessments which requires them to calculate resident nutrient needs by hand either with Excel, Google Sheets or an “old-school” calculator. DigitalRD™ pulls in resident information from PointClickCare to automatically calculate the calorie needs, protein needs, and fluids needs with one click of the mouse. It’s that simple! Saving valuable dietitian time which could be used interviewing the residents longer, observing them during a meal, decreasing RD hours for company savings, or any other duties that makes sense when using a calculator by hand doesn’t make sense anymore.

Forecasting Weight Loss and Pressure Ulcers

DigitalRD™ takes the patent pending process of actually computing what the resident is ingesting compared to their actual nutrient needs. From that calculation, the dietitian can instantly see if they are meeting their needs for maintenance or not. If they are not meeting their calorie needs for weight maintenance, weight loss is inevitable. Likewise, if they are not meeting their protein needs for skin health and maintenance, skin breakdown could be a negative outcome, as well. Dietitians need to be proactive instead of reactive on the resident’s nutritional health. Instead of documenting after the fact of a significant weight loss or pressure ulcer, with every assessment they can see the trend and be able to nutritionally intervene and not wait until the weight loss and/or skin breakdown has already occurred. Less weight loss and less pressure ulcers equals healthier residents and better “Quality Measures” for the community.

1-2-3 to Malnutrition Diagnoses

DigitalRD™ has a built-in national criterion to diagnose malnutrition. Facilities spend so much money battling weight loss and skin breakdown yet sometimes don’t get reimbursed for their efforts because the diagnosis isn’t present. Now, the dietitian can quickly determine if the resident meets the criteria for a malnutrition diagnosis and obtain the diagnosis from the provider so there isn’t a question of whether a resident is or isn’t malnourished. It’s vital to get that diagnosis upon admission so the facility can build the resident's plan of care to create goals to combat that diagnosis and the potential negative outcomes that follow.

Accuracy--All the Time...Every Time

With built-in calculators into the program, it is 100% accurate every time. The dietitian selects the component based on their clinical judgment and the software does the rest! The software also pulls forward to the next assessment the exact nutrient calculation the dietitian used in the previous assessment to ensure consistency in nutrient calculations and continuity of care.

What's a Calculator??

A person can turn the lights off in their home from across the globe and we can order anything online and have it at our doorstep within a day, but yet, dietitians are still using calculators to compute nutrient needs for residents. Why?? This time-consuming task ends now using DigitalRD™. The automatic calculations allow the dietitian to review the resident as a whole and not focus more on calculating nutrient needs but actually the entire nutritional picture of the resident.

Streamlined "At-Risk" Lists

Dietitians also spend unnecessary time creating “At Risk” lists of residents with skin breakdown, tube feedings, and dialysis treatments. Instead of manually keeping track of the last time a dietitian completed an assessment, with a click of the mouse, the software will build the “At Risk” list for you!

"Cheat Sheet" Resource Tab

DigitalRD™ will also house your favorite resources and “cheat sheets” to reference nutrient needs, intervention ideas, research articles, etc. all in one easy to access point. Those resources can also be posted for the entire company’s dietitians to have access at their fingertips to ensure continuity of clinical skills as much as possible.

Integrated with PointClickCare for OPTIMUM Nutrition Results for Your Residents

DigitalRD™ has integrated with PointClickCare to bring you the absolute BEST nutritional assessment for your residents. DigitalRD™ pulls in resident information such as their name, date of birth, height, weight, etc. in order to build a consistent and time-saving nutritional assessment. This software will then pull the nutritional assessment from DigitalRD™ and place it into PointClickCare for a stream-lined digital communication.

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